Frozen Products


It’s cultivated from the quality seeds , Produced in the Egyptian Method in which the color is white.

It is Varities into :

–  Bottom ( 3-5 / 5-7/7-9 ).

– Quartered.


Mix Vegetables

We select the best quality of fresh peas ,

carrots & green beans


we provide premium Egyptian Okra.

we guarantee maintaining all its nutrition properties

It is divided into 3 grades according to size:

– okra extra.

– okra one.

-okra zero.


We provide the best peas all over the year.

We implement the peas production at the beginning of

the season of the season when they are fresh.


Green Beans

We provide green beans all over the year

Peas & Carrots

We select the best quality of peas and carrots with mixed

standard ratio 1:1  according to customer’s needs and requests.



The finest seeds are used to  cultivate our strawberry.

it’s packed and stored in the best way to maintain it is natural form.